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六月 英文

jun abbr. junio (Spanish=June) (西班牙语)6月; juniore (Italian=junior) (意大利语)少年; [例句]Jun, I told you, I can't. 六月,我告诉了你,我不能。

Jan. 一月 July 七月 Feb. 二月 Aug. 八月 March 三月 Sep. 九月 April 四月 Oct. 十月 May 五月 Nov. 十一月 June 六月 Dec. 十二月

January February March April May June

用in 如果不是表明具体的某一天的话,就用 in 表明具体某一天,就用 on

June 英[d?u:n]

6月16日_有道翻译 翻译结果: On June 16,

是in June 例句: The marriage will take place in June 婚礼将在六月举行。 2. We re getting married in June. 我们将在六月结婚。” 3. We are going to have a test on June. 我们打算在六月做试验。 4. Graduation exercises are usually h...

It's time in June 1st

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 一月:January 二月:February 三月:March 四月:April 五月:May 六月:June 七月:July 八月:August 九月:September 十月:October 十一月:November 十二月:December

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